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    Along Came Trudy

    Along Came Trudy

    Disclaimer:  I have known Trudy for going on ten years, and she is a friend of mine.  With that said, I don’t recommend my friends if I don’t have full confidence in that recommendation.  If I didn’t know Trudy, I would love this venue.  Knowing Trudy, I love this venue and I know what a stellar job Trudy will do for you.

    This isn’t meant to be a review by any means; just my observations based on two visits.

    I attended an event at Along Came Trudy this past December, then I returned this month to do some photography of the venue.  The venue is in an orchard along the McKenzie River in Springfield, Oregon, and I’m very impressed with the site.  And it has great spots for photography, which is always key for me!

    What are the things that stood out for me regarding the venue?

    • The venue consists of indoor and outdoor space.  With the weather in Western Oregon, being able to plan an outdoor event while knowing you have an indoor fallback that is equal to the event is a huge plus.
    • With the way the main building is set up, it can accommodate large groups and small, and neither would look out of place.  This is one thing I noticed when photographing the venue: it can be a large space for a large event, and it can be a small space for a smaller event, and both look completely appropriate.
    • The grounds are gorgeous!

    Of course I couldn’t be there without scouting photography locations.  There are lots of locations for photography of individuals and groups.  The bee house (upper right photograph) would be a great backdrop for a bridal shot.  Have I mentioned the orchard (bottom right photograph)?  I was here in the middle of Winter so I can see the bones, but I can also imagine what this looks life when in full leaf.  These long, natural arches are perfect for an aisle to the river, for tables for an outdoor event, and for photography.  The first thing I see is a groom and his groomsmen on orchard ladders for an out-of-the-ordinary group shot.

    I highly recommend Trudy and Along Came Trudy if you are planning an indoor, outdoor, or indoor/outdoor event; you’re looking for an event location; and you’re looking for an event planner.  When you contact Trudy, tell her I sent you!

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